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New patients are always welcome. If you have not contacted us yet please do it now.

Request an Appointment here or give us a call.

Being well-prepared before your appointment will not only save you time but it will give us needed information to provide you the best dental care.

Knowing your insurance will help prevent any delays in your treatment. We can help you understand your insurance coverage along the way.

We accept all major insurance plans.

We have transparent policies that can make your dental visit easy and convenient.

Our clinical team always makes sure that you are aware of treatment charges before we proceed for any dental treatment.

Also, we are an assignment based office and direct bill to your insurance and accept majority of insurances.

We are assignment office and doing direct billing to insurance.

We accept majority of insurances. If you can not find your insurance provider, please give us a call on 705-472-1771

Financing Options

We understand that Dental treatment can be expensive and hard to manage financially. We offer third party financing options through Dentalcard financial service.

Also, other financial options available. Please call us or Book your appointment to know more about this.