Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are small pathways that extend from the top of the tooth and travel downwards, reaching the tip of the root.

Typically, teeth have anywhere from one or more root canals.

Various dental issues often involve infections that spread to the pulp, the inner chamber of the tooth that houses blood vessels, nerves, and other tissues. If the infection worsens, it can start affecting the roots. Additionally, a tooth that has experienced a traumatic injury can also compromise the health of the pulp.

Furthermore, a tooth that has suffered a traumatic injury can potentially damage the pulp, resulting in similar issues.

When the inner part of a tooth is diseased, it can bring along a range of problems. Initially, pain and sensitivity serve as the initial indicators of an issue. However, if an infection spreads within, it can give rise to small pockets of pus, which may eventually lead to the formation of an abscess. 

Root Canal therapy is a safe, simple and effective way to stop DECAY and INFECTION and save your tooth from extraction. When root canal treatment is recommended as your treatment, at Dentistry On Airport we make sure that we can make your visit comfortable and stress-free.

Diagnosis and treatment

We thoroughly read the x-rays and understand the canal anatomy to treat the tooth correctly

Remove The Infection

We remove all decay, clean and shape the canals and seal the canal.

Restoring The Tooth

We restore the tooth with a white filling and then place a custom crown on top to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.